Litigation Financing or Pre-Settlement Funding Help You Get Justice

Litigation financing companies offer pre-settlement funding to litigants who are financially unable to pursue a fair settlement when filing a lawsuit.  In fact, many people don’t go after what is rightfully theirs because they just don’t have the money.  This is an option that may be just what you need when trying to obtain monetary relief for injuries you may have suffered.

Often, people get injured because of the foolishness or carelessness of another person or company.  When this happens, you deserve to be compensated for medical bills and other expenses, such as income you may have lost due to the inability to work.  Many people settle with the insurance company, which is often a mistake.  These companies will usually encourage you to settle for much less than you actually deserve, in order to save the company money.

Pre-settlement funding is an option offered by litigation financing companies for people in this situation.  If you feel that you do not have the financial means to pursue your case for as long as it takes, you may want to consider a lawsuit loan.  This will allow you to get the money you need to pay household expenses, medical fees, attorney fees and other costs while you pursue your claim.  This helps prevent you from becoming deeper and deeper in debt while waiting for your claim to settle.

How do you go about getting this money?  Your attorney will advise you on contacting a settlement funding company.  Once you choose to take this action, your attorney will submit required documentation to the litigation financing company.  They will then study your case to see if you qualify for a cash advance.

In most cases, you will know if your case merits pre-settlement funding the same day.  If it does, you will receive your money the next day.  One fact about lawsuit loans that appeals to many litigants is that in the case you do not win your settlement, you owe absolutely no money to the company who funded it.  If you do win, you repay the money upon winning your lawsuit.

If a company or large corporation is at fault for your injuries, you will more than likely face an uphill battle.  This is because these companies have deep pockets, and will prolong the claim for as long as possible in the hopes that you will settle for less money.  Choosing to use the services of a litigation financing company will help you stay the course, and not give in to these money hungry corporations.

When you have been injured at the fault of someone else, you deserve to be compensated fairly.  If you find yourself in this situation, contact your attorney.  He can advise you on pre-settlement funding and whether it may be right for you.  Don’t let financial worries prevent you from seeking the compensation you deserve!

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Pre-Settlement Funding Gives You More Flexibility

Have you been injured in an accident, and don’t have the funds you need to fully pursue justice?  Pre-settlement funding may be the answer for you.  If someone else has caused injuries that may be threatening your ability to work and pay bills, lawsuit loans are a very attractive option.

Litigation funding companies offer money to litigants in the form of a cash advance.  This money is loaned to the plaintiff on the assumption that they will win their case.  If not, no money is to be repaid.  In this way, it is not actually a loan.  There is no collateral involved, nor are there any background checks or previous work history inquiry performed.

What can you use the money you get from a pre-settlement funding company for?  Household bills, medical costs, attorney fees and any other responsibilities you may have.  This helps you to pursue your claim, and not settle for less than you deserve from the insurance companies.  How does this work?

1.  You speak with your attorney, who will then fax the necessary paperwork to the litigation funding company.

2.  The lending company reviews your claim to decide if you qualify for a cash advance.

3.  You will be informed the same day about whether you have been approved.

4.  Your attorney, as well as yourself, sign the necessary paperwork.

5.  Your money is available the same day or the next day.

This is a very simple process for those who are in need of financial support while waiting for their claim to settle.  Lawsuit loans are simply a way of providing those who need it a way to pay for every day living expenses while waiting to receive their settlement.  This helps relieve some of the stress of getting further behind on bills and other responsibilities.

More than likely if you have been in an accident, you are unable to work, and may have mounting medical expenses.  Settlement funding will help you pay for these costs so that you don’t become further in debt.

If you have been injured at the fault of someone else and don’t feel that you have the funds to fully pursue your case, pre-settlement funding is an option that will help you avoid settling for less than you rightfully deserve.  Don’t let the insurance companies talk you out of your money!  Speak with your attorney about contacting a litigation funding company today, and get the money you need.

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What Types of Cases Are Eligible for Pre-Settlement Funding?

Many people consider pre-settlement funding as an option when filing a lawsuit, but are unsure of whether their case qualifies.  Is your case eligible for consideration to get a lawsuit loan?  Here are some answers to the questions you may have.

Pre-settlement funding is an option for many different situations.  Whether you have been injured in an auto accident or because of the negligence of large corporations, there are many instances in which you may obtain a lawsuit loan.  The amount that may be available to you vary from $500 to $250,000 and more, depending upon the severity of your injuries and facts of the case.

Wrongful death, nursing home abuse and neglect, dog bites, medical malpractice, workers compensation, and product liability are a few instances in which you may qualify for assistance.  These are not actually loans, but more of a cash advance that will be repaid upon winning your settlement.  In the event that you do not win, the money is not to be paid back to the litigation financing company.  There are no out-of-pocket expenses to you, and no payments to be made to the litigation financing company until your case is settled.

In the case of a slip and fall or construction accident, you may also be eligible for pre-settlement funding.  Frequently, large companies or corporations do construction or repair work on their premises.  If the area is potentially dangerous and no warnings are posted, an injury can easily occur.  This would be an example of injuries caused by negligence or carelessness on the part of the corporation.  Situations like these may also qualify for a lawsuit loan.

The most frequent cause of personal injury is automobile accidents.  Whether the person was driving under the influence, texting on a cell phone, or ran a stop sign does not matter.  If they caused the accident because of negligence, you may suffer serious injury.  Claims of this type are very common, and many plaintiffs apply for pre-settlement funding so that they won’t suffer financially while waiting for the case to settle.

Apply online or call toll free to learn more about lawsuit loans.  Once the information about your case is submitted, it will usually be reviewed the same day.  If the details of your situation entitle you to pre-settlement funding, you will normally receive your payment the next day!  It can be a big relief when you want to avoid financial strain.

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Pre-Settlement Funding Helps Prepare for a Potentially Lengthy Legal Battle

Pre-settlement funding is a lifesaver for many people fighting a court battle.  Often, the litigation process can become quite lengthy, which may cause a financial burden on many people.  Household bills, medical expenses and other payments must be made.  Lawsuit funding can help you maintain your normal way of life while you pursue justice.

Many lawsuits are filed due to personal injury.  Auto accidents, work place injuries and other accidents that cause serious injury can cause the victim to lose their ability to work.  When this happens, pre-settlement funding companies may be necessary in order for you to file a lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, as well as pain and suffering.

Litigation financing companies are available to help people in instances such as this.  If it weren’t for available funds, many people would not be able to seek justice because their budget won’t allow it.  When a court battle drags out over an extended period of time, it can put a hardship on the injured party, especially if they are unable to work.

Lawsuit loans are easier to apply and get approval for than conventional types of loans.  These are not really loans, simply a cash advance that is determined by the estimated amount of the settlement you will receive.  Upon settlement of your claim, the litigation financing company will be paid back the pre-determined amount.  In the event that the plaintiff does not win their settlement, the company gets no repayment.

Lenders who offer pre-settlement funding will process the loan you need very quickly in order to get you the money you need.  There are no credit checks or past employment history involved, so the process if very easy.  You or your attorney simply submit information and documentation on your claim to the lawsuit funding company.  They will then review it to assess whether your case is worthy of a cash advance.

The money you borrow through litigation funding can be used for numerous reasons and purposes.  The most common uses for the money you receive are to pay monthly household bills and other expenses while plaintiffs are not able to work because of the injuries they have sustained.  Once your claim is settled and you begin receiving payments you will easily be able to repay the funding loan.  Usually, your attorney will take care of this for you.  Lawsuit loans offer you the ability to file a claim and see it through, while still having the money to pay your bills.

If you are considering legal action but feel that you would go broke in the process, consider consulting with your attorney or a litigation financing company.  You will find that you can take your claim to court in order to seek financial reward, and not create further financial worries in the process.  Pre-settlement funding may be just the solution you have been looking for!

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Litigation Funding Allows You to Seek Justice for Your Injuries

Although many victims of injuries caused by negligence are unaware of the fact, litigation funding is an option to help you seek justice if you don’t have the finances to file a claim.  Pre-Settlement funding loans may be the answer to your prayers if you are unable to work because of your injuries, or simply aren’t financially able.

Due to the state of the current economy, many people really don’t have the money to file a lawsuit although they truly deserve justice.  Many are on the verge of bankruptcy, and others aren’t far behind.  When your finances don’t justify you filing a claim but you have suffered financial and other losses due to the negligence of another person or company, litigation funding is an option worth looking in to.

Settlement loans are offered by many companies, but most work basically the same way.  The plaintiff or in some instances the chosen attorney will submit documentation and other information about the case for the litigation funding company to study.  This is usually accomplished in just a couple of days.  At this point, the company will inform you or your attorney if your claim merits an advance.

Often, people mistakenly believe that pre-settlement funding is a loan.  Although some terms do make it sound as if this is the case, it actually is not.  With settlement loans, the plaintiff only repays a pre-determined amount in the event that they win their lawsuit.  If they do not, no money is to be repaid to the litigation funding company.

Civil cases often stretch out over long time periods.  They can go on for months, even years.  Most people just don’t have the money to sustain themselves through prolonged periods like this, especially if unable to work because of their injuries.  Pre-settlement funding can help you with monthly household bills, medical costs, attorney fees and repair bills if your automobile was damaged in an accident.

Settlement loans can also be beneficial to your attorney.  It takes money to be able to thoroughly investigate a claim, from documentation and obtaining witnesses to examining every aspect of the case.  Sometimes experts must be called to court.  All of this costs money, and litigation funding can help your attorney form a very solid case.

When you have grounds to file a lawsuit but don’t feel that your financial situation can support it, consider talking with your lawyer about pre-settlement funding.  Depending on your situation, this may be a way for you to seek the compensation and justice you deserve for your injuries, as well as pain and suffering.  Settlement loans offer an option to those who otherwise don’t have the financial means to pursue rewards for the negligence of others.

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Pre-settlment Loan Companies Can Offer Relief to Plaintiffs

780511_44762402Pre-settlement loan is a service that plaintiffs can use to get help with financial expenses while waiting for their case to settle.  These lawsuit loans are a fixed amount that are given as advances, and the plaintiff only repays the money if their settlement is won.

Pre-settlement funding is usually handled by the lawyer hired by the individual who is filing suit.  Many of these cases are related to personal injury, in which the plaintiff needs to file suit for damages and expenses incurred from their injuries.  These costs may include medical bills, monthly household expenses, auto repair bills and attorney fees, among other things.

Many times, people just don’t have the money to file a lawsuit and it can be very tough to pay bills, especially if the plaintiff is unable to work due to their injuries.  Litigation financing companies are the perfect choice for people in these types of situations, as it helps you make it through to your settlement date without being overly stressed with financial worries.

Pre-settlement loans are not actual loans, contrary to the sound of the term.  These are case advances that are only paid back in the event that you win your settlement.  The amount you are advanced is determined at the beginning of your case, and this is the amount you will repay if you are successful in winning your settlement.  Pre-settlement funding is necessary for many plaintiffs to get the compensation they deserve.

How do you know if you qualify for litigation financing?  Your attorney will submit all of the required documentation to the company for their perusal.  They will closely examine the documentation to decide if your case merits a lawsuit loan.  This is decided very quickly, generally within a day or two.

Sometimes plaintiffs file suit against large corporations for injuries suffered due to negligence by the company.  In these instances, many defendants purposely prolong the case in the hopes that the plaintiff will not be able to afford to continue with their case, and will settle for a lesser amount of money.  Pre-settlement funding is a viable solution in instances like this, so that you can continue through to the end.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the carelessness or negligence of another person or company, do not let them get away with it.  Have your attorney contact a litigation financing company immediately so that you can pursue justice without financial worries!

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Financially Burdened? Pre-Settlement Funding Can Give You the Opportunity to Win Your Lawsuit

If you are involved in a lawsuit, or want to file one but don’t have the money, you may want to consider pre-settlement funding.  These companies offer advances to plaintiffs specifically for the purpose of using the money for household bills and other expenses for the duration of your case.

Litigation funding companies often provide funds for both attorneys and plaintiffs.  The cash advance you receive if you are approved is not a loan, and you do not make monthly payments.  This advance is paid back in the event that you win your case.  If you don’t win, you are not responsible for repaying the advance.  These companies are completely aware that this can happen, and it is a chance they take.

Pre-settlement funding companies & Lenders will request documentation about your case from you or your attorney.  At this point, they will carefully review the information to decide if your case merits a cash advance.  This is normally a very quick process, usually taking only a day or two.  Settlement funding companies can judge fairly well from the documentation if a plaintiff will win their case.

In many cases, someone is injured in an accident and may not be able to work.  If their budget is tight to begin with, this only adds to the stress.  Litigation funding provides a way for someone who would otherwise not be able to afford to file a lawsuit to seek justice and get the compensation they deserve.

What can you use the money you receive from a settlement funding company for?  Household bills, medical expenses, car payments, groceries – nearly any legitimate expense.  Frequently, a lawsuit can stretch out over months or even years, which can make it extremely difficult on a plaintiff financially.  Pre-settlement funding helps ease the financial strain as well as the stress this can cause.

The most common types of lawsuits filed where plaintiffs need help financially include personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice and automobile accidents.  Sometimes a defendant will prolong the case in an attempt to get the plaintiff to settle for less money.  This is especially true if the defendant is a large corporation with deep pockets.  Lawsuit funding is frequently needed in these cases to enable the plaintiff to see their case through to the end.

It is sad but true – many people deserve justice and compensation for the mental anguish and injuries they have suffered because of the actions of someone else.  However, some of these never file a lawsuit, because they feel they simply cannot afford to.  If this is you, consult with an attorney at once, and learn how pre-settlement funding may be the solution to your problem.

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Litigation Financing – Even Amidst Financial Stress, You Can File a Lawsuit

Money can become nearly non-existent during litigation proceedings, especially with the current state of the economy.  It can be tough to make ends meet, especially when you are having to wait on money during a legal settlement.  Litigation financing is an option for getting money you need for expenses before your settlement is reached.

If you are injured and unable to work, or missing work because of legal proceedings, money can become even more scarce.  Pre-settlement funding may be the answer you are looking for to pay household bills, medical costs, attorney fees and other expenses while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.

Settlement loans are not ‘loans’, rather a cash advance that is borrowed against the money you will receive upon settlement of your case.  Most litigation financing companies guarantee that you will not be responsible for repaying the money unless you win your case.  A huge advantage of pre-settlement funding is that no collateral is required additionally, as is the case with most other forms of lending.

When you apply for litigation financing, it is a simple process.  You submit the documentation for your case for review.  The company will then review your information to see whether your case meets the criteria for funding.  In most cases, this is done within 24 hours.  Another benefit of pre- settlement loans are that there are no past work history or credit checks performed.

Pre-settlement funding often provides you with several options, each having certain advantages and disadvantages.  When you are considering a settlement loan, check around to compare terms and interest rates that are offered so that you can find the loan that is most beneficial to you.  Your lawyer may be willing to help you by giving you recommendations on lenders they have had experience with previously.

When individuals file a lawsuit, they often don’t realize that it may be extended far longer than anticipated.  Sometimes a defendant will purposely prolong the case, in the hopes that the plaintiff won’t have the funds to continue and will settle for a lesser amount.  This is another area where litigation financing will benefit you.  It will give you the financial means to stick with your case through to the end.

Are lawsuit loans something that may benefit you, and allow you to get the compensation you deserve?  Talk to your attorney, and see if lawsuit funding may be the answer to your dilemma.  Financial hardships should not prevent you from filing a lawsuit and winning your case!  If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, you deserve to be paid – and you can.

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Lawsuit Funding – an Attractive Option for Those Short on Cash

Short on cash and need to file a lawsuit?  Lawsuit funding may be the answer.  If you have been injured because of the actions of another person, circumstances at work, or the negligence of a nursing home, you want the compensation you deserve.  Many people don’t pursue this because of their financial situation.

Pre-settlement funding is an option that many people don’t know exists.  An alarming amount of people have not filed a lawsuit because they didn’t have the money to pay household bills, medical expenses and attorney fees.  There are many terms for this type of ‘cash advance’, including lawsuit loans and settlement loans.  While the name implies that this is a loan, it is not.

Lawsuit funding is done by companies who provide this service.  These companies provide you with the money you need, either in one lump sum in the early stages, or smaller payments throughout the duration of your case.  The amount you owe the litigation financing company will be determined at the time you receive your cash advance.  When your case is settled, you then pay the set amount back to the company.  If you do happen to lose your case, you owe the lawsuit funding company nothing.

How do you qualify for this money?  When you contact a company concerning pre-settlement funding, they will want information and documentation from you about your case.  They will then review the information to determine if your case merits an advance.  This is usually a very quick process.

Often, lawsuits are stretched out over a prolonged period of time.  What you expected to take a week or two may end up taking months or longer.  When this happens, it makes it increasingly difficult to pay your attorney fees, monthly expenses and other costs.  Lawsuit funding is especially useful in these types of situations.  Many times a defendant will purposely delay the case in the hopes that you, as the plaintiff, will settle for a lesser amount of money.

Having the funds to pay your attorney is also beneficial to your case.  Often, an attorney can do a more thorough job of investigating your case and collecting evidence when he has the funds to do so.  Settlement loans are advantageous in this way as well.  In light of the current economy, many people are financially stressed.  If this is you and you need to file a lawsuit, consider these options.  You really should attempt to get the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to an accident or catastrophic event, contact your attorney immediately.  He can discuss your options, and help you determine if lawsuit funding would be beneficial for you in obtaining justice.

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