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Settlement Loans Offer Injured Victims Involved in a Lawsuit Financial Peace of Mind

Settlement loans (aka pre-settlement funding) are simply an advance against a pending personal injury lawsuit settlement, more of a cash advance, if you will.  If you have been injured due to the negligence of another person, it can take months for your case to reach completion.  During this time, it often becomes difficult if not [...]

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Settlement Loans – Financial Relief for Plaintiffs Awaiting a Lawsuit Settlement

Waiting for a personal injury lawsuit to settle can be unsettling, to say the least.  Sometimes these types of cases take months, even years to reach completion.  In the meantime, plaintiffs often have a tough time trying to make ends meet, which is where settlement loans come into play.  Simply a cash advance against the [...]

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Settlement Loans Make Life Easier for Those Involved in Personal Injury Lawsuits

When you are the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit and have a strong case, you may be a candidate for what are known as settlement loans.  Actually a cash advance, this type of funding allows you to get a portion of your expected settlement so that you can pay household bills, medical costs and [...]

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Settlement Loans Help You Pay for Necessities While Awaiting Resolution of Your Claim

When you are an injured victim awaiting settlement from the insurance company or through a jury award, every day can be a struggle.  Paying the bills, buying the groceries and other ordinary expenses you never thought much about before are now foremost in your mind.  Settlement loans help you live normally whether you are waiting [...]

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Settlement Loans – How Personal Injury Plaintiffs Can Avoid Financial Distress

Injured victims often find they are facing severe financial distress while waiting for their lawsuit to complete.  AddisonPSF Settlement loans are designed to help alleviate financial problems, so that victims can pay their bills and live comfortably for the duration of their lawsuit.  If you aren’t familiar with litigation financing and how it works, the [...]

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How Settlement Loans Help Individuals Who Need Immediate Financial Help While Awaiting Settlement

When you are injured in an accident that is another party’s fault, you may be unable to work.  Between the added medical expense and loss of income, you may find yourself in a tough financial situation, unable to pay your bills.  Settlement loans help you pay your bills while waiting on payment from the insurance [...]

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Settlement Loans Can Help You Get Your Settlement or Lawsuit Money Before You Reach Settlement

Although settlement loans aren’t exactly magical, you could almost call them that. They are loans, yes, but they operate more in your favor than traditional loans do. As long as you have a personal injury lawsuit pending that’s likely to come out in your favor, you may just have this loan available to you even [...]

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Settlement Loans – Get an Advance Against Your Pending Settlement

While it is natural that you would think that settlement loans are loans, this actually isn’t the case.  When you need a cash advance against a pending lawsuit settlement, litigation funding companies provide this money, if your lawsuit meets the criteria.  Many people get these types of advances when involved in a personal injury lawsuit [...]

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Settlement Loans Work to Alleviate Money Worries and Anxiety

What are settlement loans?  If you are waiting on a settlement from your insurance company for injuries you have suffered or are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be curious about litigation funding and how it works.  Being injured and unable to work can impact your life in a negative way, causing you [...]

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Settlement Loans – Their Purpose and Benefits

How Settlement Loans Can Benefit You: Settlement loans can be very helpful when you are involved in a long drawn out lawsuit, especially one that is medical in nature. These lawsuits are often very expensive, and there are expenses incurred during the time of the lawsuit such as medical bills that must be paid before [...]

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