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Lawsuit Loans and the Advantages to Those Injured Due to Negligence

Lawsuit loans are an ideal solution for those facing financial issues after being injured in a car or slip and fall accident, due to medical negligence, because of a dog bite or attack, or in any manner caused by the negligence of another party or individual.  Actually a cash advance rather than a loan, litigation [...]

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Why Lawsuit Loans Are So Popular – And Necessary

Lawsuit loans are growing in popularity everyday.  Why?  Those who are injured because of the negligence of someone else want their money – and fighting for it can be an expensive process.  Pre-settlement funding is a way to get the money you need now, while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.  Personal injury claims often [...]

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Lawsuit Loans Help Plaintiffs Prevail in a Lawsuit

Plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits often find themselves between a rock and a hard place.  Lawsuit loans are the perfect solution when you find yourself running short on money, and don’t want to settle for less than you deserve with insurance companies.  Pre-settlement funding is something you definitely want to discuss with your lawyer, to [...]

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Litigation Financing or Pre-Settlement Funding Help You Get Justice

Litigation financing companies offer pre-settlement funding to litigants who are financially unable to pursue a fair settlement when filing a lawsuit.  In fact, many people don’t go after what is rightfully theirs because they just don’t have the money.  This is an option that may be just what you need when trying to obtain monetary [...]

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What Types of Cases Are Eligible for Pre-Settlement Funding?

Many people consider pre-settlement funding as an option when filing a lawsuit, but are unsure of whether their case qualifies.  Is your case eligible for consideration to get a lawsuit loan?  Here are some answers to the questions you may have. Pre-settlement funding is an option for many different situations.  Whether you have been injured [...]

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Litigation Funding Allows You to Seek Justice for Your Injuries

Although many victims of injuries caused by negligence are unaware of the fact, litigation funding is an option to help you seek justice if you don’t have the finances to file a claim.  Pre-Settlement funding loans may be the answer to your prayers if you are unable to work because of your injuries, or simply [...]

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Litigation Financing – Even Amidst Financial Stress, You Can File a Lawsuit

Money can become nearly non-existent during litigation proceedings, especially with the current state of the economy.  It can be tough to make ends meet, especially when you are having to wait on money during a legal settlement.  Litigation financing is an option for getting money you need for expenses before your settlement is reached. If [...]

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Lawsuit Funding – an Attractive Option for Those Short on Cash

Short on cash and need to file a lawsuit?  Lawsuit funding may be the answer.  If you have been injured because of the actions of another person, circumstances at work, or the negligence of a nursing home, you want the compensation you deserve.  Many people don’t pursue this because of their financial situation. Pre-settlement funding [...]

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