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Settlement Loans Help You Pay for Necessities While Awaiting Resolution of Your Claim

When you are an injured victim awaiting settlement from the insurance company or through a jury award, every day can be a struggle.  Paying the bills, buying the groceries and other ordinary expenses you never thought much about before are now foremost in your mind.  Settlement loans help you live normally whether you are waiting [...]

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Lawsuit Loans – An Easy, Quick Solution to Financial Issues Often Faced by Injured Plaintiffs

Lawsuit loans often get a bad rap, but they’re actually a no-risk solution for plaintiffs who are involved in a personal injury lawsuit and need money to pay bills right away.  Until you are involved in an accident and are injured, you never quite realize the enormous expense you may face as a result of [...]

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Settlement Loans – How Personal Injury Plaintiffs Can Avoid Financial Distress

Injured victims often find they are facing severe financial distress while waiting for their lawsuit to complete.  AddisonPSF Settlement loans are designed to help alleviate financial problems, so that victims can pay their bills and live comfortably for the duration of their lawsuit.  If you aren’t familiar with litigation financing and how it works, the [...]

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