Settlement Loans Allow You to Level The Playing Field Against Insurance Companies

If you have been injured, be prepared to be tangled up in court for months or longer – and to face the hassle of insurance companies trying to talk you in to settling for less than you deserve.  This is where settlement loans really come in handy; you can get the money you need right now, without letting insurance companies take advantage of you.  You deserve the opportunity to pursue full settlement, yet your injuries and inability to work are making it difficult for you financially.  Litigation financing companies offer the solution, so you can concentrate on winning your lawsuit.

A traditional bank won’t loan you money against a pending insurance claim; your injuries prevent you from working, and the bills are mounting up to a substantial amount of money.  Settlement loans allow you to pay those monthly household expenses, as well as medical costs and attorney fees.  Litigation financing companies offer you a cash advance that is based on your pending settlement, and the details of your lawsuit.

Is the process long and drawn out?  Absolutely not.  It only takes one day or less to determine if lawsuit loans are an option for you.  Your lawyer will fill out an application regarding the details of your lawsuit, then submit it to the litigation financing company.  Reviewing it takes only a short time; if approved you will get the money you need the very next day!  How  much you may qualify for depends on how much you expect to win in your settlement, but amounts vary from $500 to $250,000 or more.

When you cannot work and cannot pay your bills, the financial stress may break you down to the point that you take what the insurance company offers you.  Settlement loans help prevent this, so that you can continue fighting for all that you deserve from those who are responsible for your injuries.  Litigation financing companies offer you a solution that does not involve credit checks or any of the other red tape you often run in to when trying to get the money you need.

If you are in dire financial straits but do not want to buckle under the pressure of insurance companies, learn more about settlement loans today.  In no time at all, you could have the money you need to pay off those bills and other expenses, leaving you to focus on winning your lawsuit – no matter how long it takes.

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