Pre-Settlement Funding – Get Your Money Before Your Lawsuit Settles!

Involved in a personal injury lawsuit?  You may already realize that it could take months (or longer) for your claim to settle.  Pre-settlement funding allows you to get the money you need NOW.  In fact, if you qualify, you may have the money you need the same day you apply.  Settlement funding companies offer these advances based on the details of your claim.  The process is simple!

You may have been involved in a car crash, or perhaps you were injured at work.  You were out for a walk and were bitten by a vicious dog.  Whatever the reason for your injuries, those responsible should pay.  Pre-settlement funding allows you to “go the distance.”  In other words, you will have the money you need so that you can continue on with you claim and get fully compensated.  Lawsuit loans allow you to avoid settling for less than you are entitled to from insurance companies.

When you were first injured and decided to file a lawsuit, you may never have considered the fact that if you missed work, you would soon be running short on money to pay necessary obligations.  Now, you realize that your regular bills keep rolling in month after month.  You also have medical expenses due for the injuries you have suffered.  All of this, and funds are growing smaller and smaller.  That is the primary benefit of pre-settlement funding – you get the money you need to pay these financial responsibilities NOW. The money is simply a cash advance against your settlement.

Now you may be wondering how you can be expected to pay yet another bill every month when you can’t afford the ones you already have.  That is the beauty of lawsuit loans.  You do not owe a single penny until you receive your settlement.  It is only at that time that you repay the advance.  If you do not win, you owe nothing.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Settlement funding companies review  your claim thoroughly, so they have a pretty good idea that you will win before they advance you the funds you need.  Simple concept, hugely beneficial for personal injury litigants.

What can you use this money for?  Monthly household expenses, medical bills, attorney fees and other debts.  Once you know that your finances are in order, you are free to focus solely on winning your lawsuit!  Learn more about pre-settlement funding, and speak to your attorney about the benefits.  Settlement funding companies offer you this alternative to help you avoid settling for less than you deserve.

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