Lawsuit Loans – No Out of Pocket Costs & The Money You Need to Live Comfortably

What exactly are lawsuit loans?  Simply put, they are a cash advance offered against a pending settlement in a personal injury lawsuit.  While the word “loan” can be deceiving, this is more of a cash advance given to those who qualify against the money they expect to win in their lawsuit.  Litigation financing companies are in business to help those who have been injured live comfortably while pursuing the justice they deserve.

Are there any monthly payments or installments involved?  Absolutely not.  Lawsuit loans are designed to be repaid only when you win your case, and are based on how much you expect to win.  You repay the litigation financing company only when you have your money, and no sooner.  If you do not win, you owe absolutely nothing.  This is a great relief to most plaintiff’s involved in a personal injury lawsuit, as adding another monthly payment to what seems an insurmountable stack of debts is stressful to say the least.

Personal injury lawsuits often last for months, sometimes even longer depending on the seriousness of the circumstances.  When an individual is injured, they may not be able to work.  This means that bills continue to come in, but the income does not.  Lawsuit loans assist you in paying household utilities, the mortgage, medical bills, attorney fees and other day-to-day costs so that you can focus solely on winning your lawsuit.

All that is required is that your attorney submit the application to the litigation financing company; once that is done, the company will review the application to determine if you qualify.  If you do, you will have the money you need the very next day!  Lawsuit loans have helped save tens of thousands of people from potential financial disaster, and from settling with insurance companies for far less than they deserve for their injuries.

Depending upon how much you expect to win in your lawsuit, litigation financing companies may advance you anywhere from $500 to $250,000 or more.  Lawsuit loans do not involve the hassles you find with other types of loans; there are no credit checks, and no up-front costs to you whatsoever.  You simply get the money you need now, then live life as you normally would until your lawsuit settles.

If you believe that lawsuit loans sound like a solution to your financial worries, talk to your lawyer today.  There is no reason to let insurance companies take advantage of you, and there is no reason to live financially strapped while waiting on your lawsuit to settle!  Litigation financing companies offer the answer you have been looking for, so fight those responsible for your injuries and get all that you deserve.

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