Lawsuit Loans Mean No Waiting for Settlement to Get Your Money

Unfortunately, personal injury lawsuits often take months or even longer to settle.  When you need money immediately, lawsuit loans are available for those who qualify.  Settlement funding companies offer you the money you desperately need, right now.  As you continue to fight for a fair settlement, your monthly bills, medical costs and attorney fees continue to add up, yet you may have no income coming in to the household if your injuries prevent you from working.

Lawsuit loans are based upon the amount you expect to win in your settlement.  You may need a few hundred dollars, or hundreds of thousands.  Many litigants find that they are working their way toward bankruptcy, as they continue to fight for their rights.  It can look very attractive when an insurance company offers you a lesser settlement, because of your need for money.  Settlement funding companies help you avoid settling for less than you deserve by advancing you money against your expected settlement up-front.

Conventional banks normally will not loan you money against a pending insurance claim.  With lawsuit loans, you get the money you need in one day in most cases, and getting approval is simple.  Your attorney simply submits an application containing information about your lawsuit to the settlement funding company, who will then review the data.  If you qualify, you can get the money you need the same day!  This money can be used to pay all of those household bills and medical expenses that have been piling up.  There is no out-of-pocket expense to you, and you only repay the money when you win your lawsuit.  If you do not win, you pay nothing at all.

Lawsuit loans are so attractive because there are no monthly payments to add further to your monthly bills.  You have the money you need to pay your obligations, so that you can live normally while you focus on winning your lawsuit. Settlement funding companies are designed to help people in your situation, who cannot afford to live for months on a reduced income while waiting for their lawsuit to settle.

Insurance companies know that in most cases people cannot afford to carry on a lawsuit for months in order to win full compensation.  Don’t let those responsible for your injuries get away with paying you pennies on the dollar!  Lawsuit loans are a viable option, and will help you get the justice you deserve.  Learn more about the benefits of settlement funding online, or discuss the possibility with your lawyer.

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