Pre-settlment Loan Companies Can Offer Relief to Plaintiffs

780511_44762402Pre-settlement loan is a service that plaintiffs can use to get help with financial expenses while waiting for their case to settle.  These lawsuit loans are a fixed amount that are given as advances, and the plaintiff only repays the money if their settlement is won.

Pre-settlement funding is usually handled by the lawyer hired by the individual who is filing suit.  Many of these cases are related to personal injury, in which the plaintiff needs to file suit for damages and expenses incurred from their injuries.  These costs may include medical bills, monthly household expenses, auto repair bills and attorney fees, among other things.

Many times, people just don’t have the money to file a lawsuit and it can be very tough to pay bills, especially if the plaintiff is unable to work due to their injuries.  Litigation financing companies are the perfect choice for people in these types of situations, as it helps you make it through to your settlement date without being overly stressed with financial worries.

Pre-settlement loans are not actual loans, contrary to the sound of the term.  These are case advances that are only paid back in the event that you win your settlement.  The amount you are advanced is determined at the beginning of your case, and this is the amount you will repay if you are successful in winning your settlement.  Pre-settlement funding is necessary for many plaintiffs to get the compensation they deserve.

How do you know if you qualify for litigation financing?  Your attorney will submit all of the required documentation to the company for their perusal.  They will closely examine the documentation to decide if your case merits a lawsuit loan.  This is decided very quickly, generally within a day or two.

Sometimes plaintiffs file suit against large corporations for injuries suffered due to negligence by the company.  In these instances, many defendants purposely prolong the case in the hopes that the plaintiff will not be able to afford to continue with their case, and will settle for a lesser amount of money.  Pre-settlement funding is a viable solution in instances like this, so that you can continue through to the end.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the carelessness or negligence of another person or company, do not let them get away with it.  Have your attorney contact a litigation financing company immediately so that you can pursue justice without financial worries!

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