Pre-Settlement Funding: Why You Need It & How It Works

Pre-settlement funding is a term used to describe funding that is offered to plaintiff’s of personal injury lawsuits whose claim qualifies for a cash advance.  If you are involved in a case against a party who has caused you injury, you may find that your financial situation is getting serious.  Litigation funding companies offer money so that you can pursue full justice, without settling for less than you deserve out of court.

Commonly, personal injury lawsuits last for much longer than you expect.  They often go on for several months or even longer, especially when large corporations are involved.  Since you are injured, you may be unable to work.  Your bills are piling up, medical expenses are overwhelming you, and you don’t know what to do.  Pre-settlement funding is a way for you to get the money you need, without going further in debt.  Litigation funding companies offer this cash advance, with no payment due until your claim is settled.

What does this mean for you?  You can use the money to pay medical bills, household expenses, attorney fees and other obligations.  This allows you to place all of your attention on your claim, and not suffer unnecessary stress.  You only repay the money in the event that you win your lawsuit.  If you do not, you owe nothing on your lawsuit loan!

Pre-settlement funding is probably something that is going to require tons of paperwork, lots of time and extra energy trying to get it all together, right?  Wrong!  This is perhaps the simplest process you have ever seen.  Your attorney simply fills out an application concerning your lawsuit and submits it to the litigation funding company.  They review it, and you learn the same day how much money they are willing to advance you.  The next day, you have your money!

Don’t let large corporations or a lack of money force you in to settling out of court.  You will get far less compensation than you deserve, which is the exact intention when these companies drag your case out.  They know they have money, you do not.  Pre-settlement funding will help you make those responsible for your injuries PAY!  Speak with your lawyer about contacting a litigation funding company today.  It may be exactly what you need to get every penny you deserve – and lessen your financial stress dramatically.

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