Pre-Settlement Funding – Litigation Financing Companies Can Make Life Less Stressful

When you have been injured, you may find yourself stressing about how you are going to meet your financial obligations if you are unable to work.  Pre-settlement funding is a method of getting the money you need while waiting for your personal injury claim to settle.  Litigation financing companies offer this money as a cash advance, with no monthly payments involved to add further to your worries.

Settlement funding companies give plaintiffs the money they desperately need for household bills, medical costs, attorney fees and other necessities based on the merits of their claim.  The amount you get is predetermined, so that you know exactly how much you must pay back when the time comes and you win your lawsuit.  What if you do not win?  Where will you get the money to repay the advance?  That is the beauty of pre-settlement funding.  In the event that you lose, there is no recourse.  You owe nothing.

You file a claim for your injuries hoping that everything will be quick and easy.  Unfortunately, that usually is not the case.  Insurance companies want to finagle with you in order to compensate you with less that you deserve.  If the party at fault is a large company or corporation, they will drag things out as long as possible, in the hopes that you will give in and settle for less.  This is exactly what litigation financing is for – to help you continue with your claim to the very end, so that you can get fully compensated.

In some instances, people do not feel that they are financially able to file a lawsuit in the first place.  Pre-settlement funding may be the solution you need to proceed with your claim.  If you qualify, you can pursue justice and not have worries about how you are going to pay your bills.  Being involved in a lawsuit is stressful enough, but when you have options and don’t have to worry about all of the other areas of your life it makes the process easier.

Most settlement funding companies make the process of getting the money you need very simple and quick, unlike traditional loans you get from the bank.  Your attorney will submit the documentation concerning your case to the company.  In most cases, they can examine the information and determine if you qualify that same day.  If you do, your money is available the very next morning.  No credit checks are performed, bankruptcy is not an issue, and you simply don’t have to jump through hoops trying to get financial aid.

Are you involved in a personal injury case, or considering filing a claim but unsure of your financial situation?  Talk to your attorney, or go online and learn more.  Pre-settlement funding is not the end-all solution for every situation, but it is certainly something worth checking in to.  Litigation financing companies work with people like you every day, and it may be just what you need to help you fully pursue justice, and get every dime of compensation you deserve.

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