Pre-Settlement Funding Gives You More Flexibility

Have you been injured in an accident, and don’t have the funds you need to fully pursue justice?  Pre-settlement funding may be the answer for you.  If someone else has caused injuries that may be threatening your ability to work and pay bills, lawsuit loans are a very attractive option.

Litigation funding companies offer money to litigants in the form of a cash advance.  This money is loaned to the plaintiff on the assumption that they will win their case.  If not, no money is to be repaid.  In this way, it is not actually a loan.  There is no collateral involved, nor are there any background checks or previous work history inquiry performed.

What can you use the money you get from a pre-settlement funding company for?  Household bills, medical costs, attorney fees and any other responsibilities you may have.  This helps you to pursue your claim, and not settle for less than you deserve from the insurance companies.  How does this work?

1.  You speak with your attorney, who will then fax the necessary paperwork to the litigation funding company.

2.  The lending company reviews your claim to decide if you qualify for a cash advance.

3.  You will be informed the same day about whether you have been approved.

4.  Your attorney, as well as yourself, sign the necessary paperwork.

5.  Your money is available the same day or the next day.

This is a very simple process for those who are in need of financial support while waiting for their claim to settle.  Lawsuit loans are simply a way of providing those who need it a way to pay for every day living expenses while waiting to receive their settlement.  This helps relieve some of the stress of getting further behind on bills and other responsibilities.

More than likely if you have been in an accident, you are unable to work, and may have mounting medical expenses.  Settlement funding will help you pay for these costs so that you don’t become further in debt.

If you have been injured at the fault of someone else and don’t feel that you have the funds to fully pursue your case, pre-settlement funding is an option that will help you avoid settling for less than you rightfully deserve.  Don’t let the insurance companies talk you out of your money!  Speak with your attorney about contacting a litigation funding company today, and get the money you need.

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