Lawsuit Loans Help Plaintiffs Prevail in a Lawsuit

Plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits often find themselves between a rock and a hard place.  Lawsuit loans are the perfect solution when you find yourself running short on money, and don’t want to settle for less than you deserve with insurance companies.  Pre-settlement funding is something you definitely want to discuss with your lawyer, to determine if it may be a solution to your dilemma.

An effective and knowledgeable attorney can often settle your case without ever going to court.  However, many times a large corporation or someone who has the financial resources will prolong the lawsuit for as long as possible, in an effort to get you to settle for less than you are entitled to.  If you have been seriously injured, you may not be able to work.  Bills are still due, and you find yourself getting further into debt.  This may make you consider settling for less, simply because you do not have the funds to continue.  There are options!

Litigation financing companies offer lawsuit loans as a solution to this common problem.  While it sounds although this is a loan, it is actually more of a cash advance that you do not repay until your case is final.  What happens if you do not win?  You owe no money, so that is another worry you will not have to deal with.  Pre-settlement funding is a very simple process that requires no credit check, previous employment inquiries or other red tape.  Even if you have filed bankruptcy, this is a non-issue.

When you go the usual route of obtaining a loan from your bank, there are all sorts of hoops to jump through.  Add to that the fact that you will have to make monthly payments, and it does not really benefit you in any way – it simply adds yet another monthly financial obligation.  This is usually not an option for many litigants because they already have a tough time paying their bills.

A Lawsuit loan is something you should speak with your attorney about if you are having financial trouble, and feel that you cannot continue forward with your lawsuit.  You can learn more about the process online as well.  Don’t let insurance companies offer you pennies on the dollar!  Litigation financing companies offer pre-settlement funding to those who qualify, and it may be the perfect solution for you.

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