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Pre-settlment Loan Companies Can Offer Relief to Plaintiffs

Pre-settlement loan is a service that plaintiffs can use to get help with financial expenses while waiting for their case to settle.  These lawsuit loans are a fixed amount that are given as advances, and the plaintiff only repays the money if their settlement is won. Pre-settlement funding is usually handled by the lawyer hired [...]

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Financially Burdened? Pre-Settlement Funding Can Give You the Opportunity to Win Your Lawsuit

If you are involved in a lawsuit, or want to file one but don’t have the money, you may want to consider pre-settlement funding.  These companies offer advances to plaintiffs specifically for the purpose of using the money for household bills and other expenses for the duration of your case. Litigation funding companies often provide [...]

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Litigation Financing – Even Amidst Financial Stress, You Can File a Lawsuit

Money can become nearly non-existent during litigation proceedings, especially with the current state of the economy.  It can be tough to make ends meet, especially when you are having to wait on money during a legal settlement.  Litigation financing is an option for getting money you need for expenses before your settlement is reached. If [...]

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Lawsuit Funding – an Attractive Option for Those Short on Cash

Short on cash and need to file a lawsuit?  Lawsuit funding may be the answer.  If you have been injured because of the actions of another person, circumstances at work, or the negligence of a nursing home, you want the compensation you deserve.  Many people don’t pursue this because of their financial situation. Pre-settlement funding [...]

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